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What Democrat Control Looks Like

November 05, 2018

What Democrat Control Looks Like

Imagine the pain if every single day whether MSNBC, CNN, your local networks, or even FOX, you have to watch and listen to this vile woman spew forth her lies and her Socialist doctrine as if they were gospel.

This is precisely what is going to happen if we allow the Democrats to take back the House and make Nancy Pelosi Speaker. If that happens, Pelosi will be the third most powerful politician in our government.

You can be sure, she’ll do every single thing that office allows (and many things it doesn’t) to battle Donald Trump. You can expect any Republican proposals, no matter how mundane or popular, to be dead on arrival. Instead of addressing America’s problems, she and her Democrat majority will do all they can to investigate, impeach, and make baseless allegations. And not just against Trump, but every cabinet member, Administration appointee, and conservative in Congress — starting with the impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Nearly worse will be the takeover of every Congressional Committee by the super-liberals, haters, and racists who lead the Democrat conference in Congress. They’ll get all the Chairmanships too. No big deal? Think again!

If Trump and conservatives need further tax cuts to continue economic growth or give parents a choice in education; the Finance Committee and Ways and Means Committee will make sure those tax cuts are non-starters. Forget about it.

If Trump and Republicans see a need to protect America with adjustments in the Defense Department’s budget, they would have to go through the Armed Services Committee. Forget about that too. Not going to happen!

The Ethics Committee which now has three investigations into Maxine Waters will very likely drop those investigations so they can focus on making unsubstantiated allegations against Republican Members of Congress. And forget about learning which Congressmen were bailed out of their sexual harassment problems by America’s taxpayers — and how much those taxpayers were charged for said bail-outs. Expect a blackout on charges against Democrats, but a massive flurry of press releases and investigations charging Republican mis-conduct, all be it baseless and tasteless.

Below is a list of Democrats who will likely become Committee Chairmen in a Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Nita Lowey, Appropriations Committee

Lowey is a close ally of Nancy Pelosi. She is a super-progressive on domestic issues.

Adam Smith, Armed Services Committee

Smith is one of the very few moderates among Democrats in Congress. Leftists have already started plotting a challenge against his rising to Chairman of Armed Services.

Frank Pallone, Energy and Commerce Committee

Pallone is a big government Democrat who played a major role in crafting Obamacare. Based on his voting record in Congress, it’s clear Pallone will be the anti-energy Energy Chairman, doing everything in his power to stop America from becoming energy independent.

Maxine Waters, Financial Services Committee

Maxine gained special attention recently for her rallying liberals everywhere to find and root out Trump supporters, harass them wherever they’re found, and make them know, “they are not welcome.” Other than spending most of her time yelling “Impeach 45,” Waters has been investigated repeatedly by the Ethics Committee and named the “most corrupt” member in three different Congresses. In 20 plus years, Waters has managed to past only 4 bills, one naming a post office.

Bernie Thompson, Homeland Security Committee

Rep. Bennie Thompson is an ardent Trump critic. Once he takes over the Homeland Security Committee, count on a no-holds-barred attempt to eliminate ICE and stop even the mention of building a wall on our southern border. Thompson is heavily influenced by the Open Borders crowd.

Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee

You may know Schiff as point-man for the investigation into Russian collusion. Schiff keeps alleging Trump and his campaign are guilty despite not having even one shred of evidence. Schiff is also a strong supporter of the United Nations. Under Schiff, expect this committee to conduct dozens of time-wasting, baseless, and expensive investigations into Trump and every member of his Administration.

Jerry Nadler, Judiciary Committee

Another Trump hater, expect Nadler to fight Trump every step on the way in supporting police to investigate, arrest, and prosecute violent criminals. You can also expect Nadler to be a big defender for sanctuary cities and states in their refusal to cooperate with law enforcement on the prosecution of criminals who are illegal aliens. Nadler opposed the Patriot Act which gave American law enforcement the ability to find and stop terrorists.

Elijah Cummings, Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Blunt and outspoken, left wing Elijah Cummings will aggressively harass and investigate the Trump Administration. Cummings hates Trump and everything he stands for, at least partly because Trump’s policies have done something Democrats have not — reduced unemployment among blacks to historic levels. Cummings will do everything possible to tie the hands of the Trump Administration to enforce our laws, further reduce regulation, or reduce the size and scope of government.

Jim McGovern, Rules Committee

McGovern will do exactly whatever Nancy Pelosi tells him to do. Plain and simple, he’s a Pelosi puppet, and that’s a huge problem because the Rules Committee plays a major role in deciding which legislation, resolutions, investigations, and more move forward and which do not.

Peter DeFazio, Transportation and Infrastructure

With all the important issues to tackle having to do with infrastructure, DeFazio’s number one concern has been trying to find fault with Trump’s lease on the Old Post Office Building in DC.

Richard Neal, Ways and Means Committee

Neal is a charter member of the House Progressive Committee. His top priority is convincing America that Trump’s tax cuts only went to the wealthy. He wants to roll back the cuts, impose new and higher taxes on the wealthy and go after Wall Street (whatever that means.)

If these are the people you want running Congress again, then by all means stay home on Tuesday. PLEASE stay home.

But if all these leftist Democrats running Congress frightens and repulses you as much as it does me, then turn out and VOTE. Take your friends, your family, your neighbors with you, and show up at the polls to VOTE!

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.