Thousands of Americans Call for the Retirement of Rep. Maxine Waters

November 01, 2018

California's Congresswoman from California’s 43rd District is up for re-election in November. Her ultra-liberal beliefs and her radical public rants spur even more division throughout America and Congress. For years, she has vigorously put her own, personal interests above those of her constituents and fellow Americans.

She is unhinged, divisive, ineffective and self-serving. It’s high time that she was retired from her position of influence.

Several weeks ago, we wrote an open letter to the citizens of California’s 43rd district pointing out their representative’s behavior, her track record and her long history of corruption. Then we asked Americans from all over the country to sign it.

Within a matter of days, we had thousands of signatures pouring in from all over the nation. From rural towns to big cities, Americans everywhere were united in the idea that Rep. Maxine Waters should be retired once and for all.

But we didn’t stop there.

To make sure the residents of California’s 43rd District saw what America was saying, we secured two full-page ads to run in both La Opinion – the leading Hispanic newspaper in Waters’ district – and the Hawthorne Press Tribune.

These ads will run in the days leading up to the election and specifically target the constituents who have the power to make or break an election.

Spanish ad running in La Opinion on 10/29/18
English ad running in The Hawthorne Press Tribune on 11/01/18

We’re confident these ads will reach voters in California’s 43rd District and hope that the voices of their fellow Americans are enough to help impact their vote.

We couldn’t have done this without your support. Help us keep fighting to remove the corrupt, ultra-liberal, divisive politicians that are trying to tear this nation apart by sending your support today.