The Stars and Stripes Forever PAC Battles the Prejudiced Mainstream Media

May 16, 2019

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May 16, 2019

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The Stars and Stripes Forever PAC Battles the Prejudiced Mainstream Media

Founder’s Articles Will Be Featured on Major Digital Publications

Reston, VA. – Blog content from The Stars and Stripes Forever PAC, an organization dedicated to enacting a truly conservative agenda and returning the United States to a constitutional government, is now being featured on top-tier conservative news sites. Blog posts from Founder John Philip Sousa IV will be featured on Townhall Finance and Politichicks.

“This is an exciting opportunity,” said Sousa, who has been involved with the Stars and Stripes Forever PAC since he led the successful movement to draft Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2016.

In discussing the purpose of his commentary, Sousa said, “The mainstream media no longer recognizes legitimate conservative philosophy in the public square. They mislabel every right of center voice as ‘extreme,’ ‘alt-right,’ or ‘nationalist.’ Their left-leaning ideology does all the driving and too often truth gets relegated to the back seat if it’s in the car at all. But we can’t solve the problems Americans face without a candid and honest discussion that agrees on the core facts and recognizes all the differing viewpoints of our people. I’m hopeful the commentary and ideas I present will help spark a healthy discussion about the very important issues we must deal with. The truth is, America is in trouble and we’re running out of time. But if conservatives rally, and pull together, we can preserve and promote the values essential to making America the greatest nation in the history of the world — the values of human dignity, individual freedom, love for neighbor, obligation to the future, commitment to opportunity, and devotion to justice.”

The content featured on Politichicks and Townhall will center around looking at breaking and pressing political news from a truly constitutionally conservative point of view and will include immigration, national finance, health care, military, the mainstream media and a sprinkling of good, old-fashioned, American pride.

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