The Next Phase of the Victory Project Begins

September 27, 2016

Starting today (September 27), the 2016 Committee will officially begin launching four radio spots in targeted African American Markets which will run up until Election Day. We're starting with the "Not Right" ad today, and will roll out the others over the course of the next six weeks. These ads will appear on stations throughout Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan; six of the most important swing states in the election.

Here are the four spots that will be playing across the nation over the next six weeks. Please share these them throughout your personal networks and help spread them as far as you can!

Not Right


We're Stuck

Hillary Doesn't Know Broke

As you know, if Donald Trump receives just 18% of African American votes in key swing states, he will win the election in a landslide. Thus, our strategy over the past few months has been to specifically target these voters using the tried-and-true method of radio and television advertising. The results of this campaign have been shocking and truly encouraging. 

We want to thank all of our supporters and donors for helping bring our ambitious goal to fruition. None of this would be possible without you and your steadfast support. By next week we will have spent $1.3 Million for all states other than WI & MI and, after October 4th, we will have spent almost $1.5 on the radio project as whole. We are confident that this money will be absolutely essential to winning over black voters in November.

Thank you for fighting for freedom and the conservative values that make this country great.