The Changing Tide

October 20, 2016

According to four polls from October 20th, Trump has a range of 4% to 19% with 10% overall; he's ahead of Romney at this point. Clinton ranges from 59% to 91% with an average of 77%, well behind Obama.

The tides are starting to turn! 

We recently received some very encouraging poll data from Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina showing that Donald Trump is gaining popularity among African American voters. 

Keep in mind that he only needs 18% of the black vote in the key swing states in order to win the election.

Ohio: Polls have Trump standing at 8-15% among blacks and non-whites. To put this in perspective, Romney only had 4% during his campaign back in 2012. This means that Trump is running 2-4 times greater than his republican counterpart.

Pennsylvania: One recent poll had Trump at 15% among non-whites. This shows that he's pulling, at least, in the double digits among African American voters. In contrast, Romney only had 6% of the vote back in 2012.

North Carolina: Trump, based on three polls, is running 7 to 16% among blacks with Hillary 76-82%.  

If the previous elections are any indication, these numbers should be very encouraging for both Donald Trump and us! We are finally starting to see the results of our tireless efforts and they're showing that we are truly making a difference in the outcome of this election. This being the case, it's more important than ever that we double-down and make these last few weeks count. Our values and constitutional freedoms hang in the balance on November 8th, we cannot simply stand aside and allow them to be stolen from us. Let's get out and make a difference!