Success in GA-06 and Change in Strategy

July 11, 2017

During the presidential election cycle last year, we significantly ramped up our efforts to dispel the lies that liberals spread about Republicans being evil racists. In the end, our work with black voters was critical in helping defeat Hillary Clinton, so we decided to expand on our methods and strategy into 2018.

Our most recent effort to make sure that conservatives did not lose the long-held GA-06 seat to the liberals also achieved success. Thanks to our ads and placements using the “Nadler Method”(targeting areas to reach out to black Americans with the truth) and your support, Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in a tight, tight race.

In addition, we are continuing to air daily commentaries on black radio stations in strategic areas in Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana. We launched in March and are still running ads many months later.

These commentaries are delivered by our featured spokesman, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Harvard law graduate, former radio show talk host, and past Virginia Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

Just last week, upon completing a research project on Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin Senator and one of our targeted seats, we were so outraged we decided to pull our commentaries in Wisconsin and change our ads to allow blacks in Wisconsin to learn the truth about one of their Senators. The ad is hard hitting and alerts the listener that Senator Baldwin does not represent their values and should be sent packing. We have purchased the airtime through this month.

Please click here to listen to this commanding advertisement and help us keep our daily ads running not only in Wisconsin, but our commentaries running in Virginia and Indiana as well.

We produce a new commentary every week on the issues that are most important to conservatives. At a monthly cost of $22,500, any help you can send will make sure we stay on the air. In addition, Missouri is set to launch next and that will add another $9,300 a month bringing the total to $31,800 for our monthly needs.

Please chip in today to help us make sure that we can continue moving forward with our battle plan to unseat the nine most vulnerable liberal Senators in 2018, and secure a filibuster-proof Senate for President Trump.