Nope, Not Rigged: Trump Won These Philly Wards, Topping Romney in 2012

November 11, 2016

Donald Trump won a stunner in Pennsylvania last night, and did so without carrying Philadelphia and its crucial suburbs. But Trump actually carried three political wards in Philadelphia — in 2012, Mitt Romney didn’t carry any.

We mapped out support for both candidates by political ward. Here are the results:

Donald Trump

Trump ended up carrying three wards in Philadelphia: 66, 58 and 26. Both wards 66 and 58 are located in the Far Northeast, while ward 26 is in South Philadelphia. A note: Trump won a significant number of votes, relatively speaking, in the 21st ward, which encompasses the Roxborough and Manayunk area. However, Clinton still beat Trump in that ward by nearly 10,000 votes.

Trump also performed pretty well in other areas of the Northeast, the Riverwards and South Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton held onto her strongholds in Center City, West Philly and North Philadelphia. 

View the maps here.