New Radio Ad: School Choice

March 27, 2017

All children have problems, but the bigotry of low expectations makes those problems worse for black youth.

With Democrats controlling public schools in  Milwaukee, students couldn’t read or perform basic math. More than 60% never made it through high school.

But Republicans did something about it.  They empowered parents to choose the schools their children attend.

Including private schools like Saint Marcus Christian.

94% of students at St. Marcus are black. Most are from poor families.  But the staff knows those children are smart.

St. Marcus rejects the bigotry of low expectations.

School opens at 6:30 am.  Students from inadequate schools receive tutoring and attend summer school if necessary.

It’s not easy for them, but their hard work pays off.  9 out of 10 of St. Marcus students graduate from high school.  Half attend college.  Their math and reading scores exceed the national average. 

Most important, St. Marcus’s students, instead of hanging on the streets and getting into trouble, are employed, and contributing to their churches and their communities.

What’s the difference?

When families have the freedom to choose their children’s schools, students who were trapped are set free to achieve their highest potential.

That’s what Republicans believe.  What do you believe?