New Radio Ad: Health Care Reform

May 30, 2017

Health care isn't a Republican or Democrat issue. It's a human issue. Republicans don't all agree with each other on the answers, nor do the Democrats. 

Unfortunately, instead of seeking common ground, Democrats rejoice when Republican legislators deadlock on health care reform. But Republicans aren't trying to score political points. They want to make sure those with preexisting conditions are covered, that patients can buy insurance across state lines and that prices come down. They're also committed to making sure the poor get subsidies to afford quality health care. 

Democrats want to force you to buy their one-size-fits-all plan. They'll have IRS agents breathing down your neck and bureaucrats looking over your shoulder. They just don't think you're intelligent enough to make your own health care decisions. 

President Trump and Republicans in Congress believe it's wrong to force people to buy health care they don't need and can't afford. They think people should be able to choose for themselves from a variety of health care plans that have to compete for customers. That's what Republicans believe. What do you believe?