New Radio Ad: Economic Stimilus

May 09, 2017

The following commentary runs today through next Monday in IN, VA, and WI:

For the last 20 years, our economy’s growth has been the worst since the Great Depression. Guess who has the highest unemployment, lowest income, and highest rates of poverty in a slow economy? The black community.

Democrats say the government should spend more. Well, the stimulus Democrats passed in 2009 spent $787 billion to create millions of shovel-ready jobs. Did you get one of those jobs? Know anybody who did? They were shoveling something all right!

Meanwhile, to pay for all that spending, democrats raised taxes on businesses higher than anywhere else in the world. That’s money that doesn’t hire more employees or pay higher wages.

Which Americans suffer most from fewer jobs an low wages? Inner city residents! Now having a high paying job won’t solve every problem, but it eliminates one big one—not having enough money to take care of your family. Republicans want to cut taxes because leaving more money in the hands of families and businesses is what creates jobs, increases wages, and makes families more secure. That’s what Republicans believe. What do you believe?