New Radio Ad: Dodd Frank

March 27, 2017

Small business isn’t what it used to be.  New start ups produce 2 million fewer jobs today than they did 20 years ago.

Why?  Because 20 years of new regulations and tax increases have hurt small business growth. 

Just consider the Dodd Frank law.  It’s 2300 pages of regulations.  Democrats claimed it would reign in Wall Street.  Instead, it’s driving small community banks out of business.

And as local community banks dry up, so do the loans small business needs to grow— especially loans for minority owned businesses. 

Black Americans own almost 10% of small businesses, but for every dollar in financing that goes to business, black owned businesses receive less than 2 cents.

As a result, their businesses grow even more slowly and create even fewer jobs.

Democrats say they know what’s best for us.  But their economic policies are killing small business growth — especially black businesses.

Republicans are working to repeal regulation and cut taxes because we know that stronger small businesses, and more of them, mean more opportunities, better jobs and higher incomes for all Americans.

That’s what Republicans believe.  What do you believe?