New Radio Ad: DeVoss

April 01, 2017

Announcer:  And now a minute with Stars and Stripes Forever … with guest host, E.W. Jackson.

E.W. Jackson

There was a time when white racists blocked school doors to keep black children from a better education.

Now liberal Democrats are trying to block the school doors to Betsy DeVoss the new education secretary who has been fighting for decades to provide a quality education for inner city children.

For whatever reason, liberals refuse to acknowledge the long record of educational neglect of black children and the need for change.

And they certainly will not admit that black children’s best friends have often been white Christians who donate time and money to improve schools for the underprivileged.

That describes Mrs. DeVoss.  She’s been working for many years to give families more choices in where they can educate their children including charter and religious schools.

The only priority for liberal Democrats is protecting the turf of the teachers unions.  They’re standing in the way of educational opportunity for black children.

The end result is no different than Orville Fauvus blocking the doors of Little Rock schools, refusing to allow black children the chance for a better education.

That’s what Republicans believe.  What do you believe?

Announcer:  This has been a minute with Stars and Stripes Forever … with guest host E.W. Jackson.

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