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October 25, 2018


Have you seen the story about the 4,000 South Americans making their way up through Mexico to the United States?

The liberal-socialist-progressive-open-border crowd who want to eliminate ICE all think this invasion force is the greatest thing since Obama was re-elected in 2012.

Make no mistake, it is NO accident these people timed their arrival to within a day or two of our November election. The only question is whether it was their idea alone to interfere in U.S. election outcomes, or whether Soros-funded leftist operatives had a hand in coordinating their timing to interfere in U.S. elections.

Whatever the case, what’s quite clear is that the above mentioned liberals, socialists and progressives are all hoping President Trump sends the military to slaughter these people as they try to cross the border.

And why wouldn’t they cheer for that outcome? If Donald Trump guns them down it will serve as proof of their argument that he’s unfit to be President, that he’s a racist and a war monger. Once again, we’ll see Maxine waters leading the charge to impeach Trump and then Pence.

Laura Ingram on her show figured the cost of funding these 4,000 people’s march up through Mexico at around 21 million dollars. What that means is that the darkest of dark money is paying for this invasion. If it’s not coming from George Soros, it’s coming from someone like him, or a foreign government who does not have America’s best interests at heart. Certainly, if these are the poor refugees the liberal media wants us to believe they are, then $21.00 might have been a stretch let alone $21,000,000.00.

What’s certain is that it’s no coincidence this mob of 4,000 (and I’m guessing it will grow, if not double in the next few weeks) is arriving at our border just in time for the mid term elections. This is a carefully executed plan to make Trump and Republicans look like uncaring, mean-spirited racists who don’t give a damn about our ‘neighbors’.

But you can be certain this plan has been in the works for a very long time. In fact, I’d suggest it started with Obama allowing cities and states to claim sanctuary status so the federal government couldn’t touch these illegal immigrants.

You can also be sure that word has spread throughout the world that these havens exist, and once you’re in them you’re safe to cause whatever mayhem you care to. A few crimes committed by illegals already reported in sanctuary municipalities include homicide, rape, assault, hit-and-run, and more. And there is nothing federal authorities can do because police in such places are barred from informing the feds when violent illegal immigrants are in their custody.

In addition to protection from federal justice or deportation, many illegals qualify for free medical care, food stamps, welfare, free education, and more … welcome to America!

I think those Americans who are concerned have good reason. So far, it’s a mob of 4,000. Who’s to say it won’t grow to twice that size by the time they reach our southern border? And, if they’re successful, can we expect 10,000 or 20,000 in January? A couple hundred thousand next summer? All demanding the right to invade our country?

President Trump is right to take a strong stand against this invasion force. Personally, I hope he doesn’t permit a single member of this mob to cross the border. Either our safety matters or it doesn’t. Either our national security, and taxpayers, and our commitment to America’s citizens mean something, or they do not. If they do, then we must begin to enforce our immigration laws and that means, “keep the hell out,” until you’ve followed the rules like every legal immigrant who wants to come to America.

It’s not the open border crowd paying tens of billions EVERY year to support massive illegal immigration — it’s the American taxpayer. And we are sick and tired of footing the bill. No one wants to see people gunned down at the border, but President Trump has to draw the line against people who break our laws and take unfair advantage of our people.

Either our immigration laws mean something or they don’t.

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.