Holding the Politicians Accountable

May 29, 2018

Washington DC Winter

I’m making a list and checking it twice (and it’s barely June).

With the midterms less than six months away, it’s important we begin looking at what our Representatives in Washington are really saying, and, more important, what they’re doing.

Who is working to move our country forward? And who is trying to take us back. You know what I mean. Who wants to return America to the bad old days of little or no growth, open borders, massive division of our people, higher taxes, more regulations, less international respect, a fiscally bankrupt military, exploding corruption in our government and declining individual freedom.

So what are some of the things we’ve learned?

Well, Congresswoman Wasserman Schwartz had to resign from running the Democratic National Committee because she rigged the democratic primary toward her good buddy, Hillary.

Her replacement at the DNC also had to resign for her swamp-like behavior of feeding debate questions to Hillary.

And her replacement, the current chairman of the DNC, walks around with a t-shirt that says no borders!

Meanwhile, in the Congress, both Democrat Leaders, Pelosi and Schumer have vowed to raise taxes should their party win the majority in November. They not only want to take back the money businesses and individuals received from tax reform, they want to raise taxes! They just don’t get it.

Here’s another indication of where liberal Democrat hearts line up. For years now, small community banks have been getting killed by the huge amount of red tape associated with the Dodd Frank law. So Republicans pushed for and finally passed reforms that lighten the load on small community banks. But only 34 Democrats voted with them. It’s telling because the reform bill meant small banks (at least the ones that hadn’t been run out of business) could finally compete again with the big, international, banks. Local small businesses can finally get the credit they need to grow their businesses and create jobs. And families can more easily get the mortgages they need to buy homes. None of that mattered to Pelosi and Schumer. They voted NO along with the overwhelming majority of their Democrat colleagues. And if they regain control in November, they’ll no doubt repeal the Dodd Frank reforms no matter how much it will hurt American families and small businesses.

And here’s another head-shaker. MS-13 is a ruthless gang of mostly illegals that terrorize US communities by murdering law abiding citizens, beheading those that dare oppose them, raping children, and causing chaos wherever they are. But when President Trump called these gang members out, and described them as animals, every member of the Democrat leadership criticized Trump.  

Democrats said Trump was evil for calling these animals, well, animals. The Democrats claimed that after all, the murderers of MS-13 all have redeeming qualities (maybe as organ donors.) It’s political correctness like that that is causing so many Americans to shake their head and mourn for the lost values of decency, hard work, and fair play.

But gang members aren’t the only thugs Democrats stand up for. The last three presidents all publicly claimed they wanted to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.  But only President Trump actually followed through on the promise. It took Democrats only seconds to criticize Trump for antagonizing the anti-Israeli Palestinian terrorists in groups like Hamas.   

But it’s not just the safety of Israelis that Democrats are willing to sacrifice. They do the same thing here at home when they endorse sanctuary states and municipalities with such enthusiasm. Democrat leaders have provided legal identification to illegals, used taxpayer money to pay their tuition at state universities, allowed illegals to run for public office, and sued the Trump Administration for working to deport illegals arrested for committing violent crimes.

The Democratic Mayor of Oakland CA even went so far as to warn illegal criminals of an upcoming sweep by immigration officials. The sweep was intended to arrest rapists, thieves, drunk drivers, and other illegal law breakers. Thanks to Oakland’s Mayor though, most of the violent criminals targeted for arrest escaped, and now Oakland’s citizens are less safe than ever.

For too long in America, we’ve failed to hold our politicians accountable. How can we hold them accountable when the media are as ideologically motivated as the liberals? News outlets just makes excuses or refuse to report the truth.

Stars and Stripes is fighting back. We’re making a list and we’ll be checking it often between now and November. And we’ll keep telling the truth so we can remind ourselves, and any other Americans listening, just who we are as a country and what we’re up against.

Thanks for listening.