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Have We Lost Our Minds?

September 22, 2017

St. Louis Protesters

Not much surprises me anymore, but several items today have me pounding my head against the wall wondering ‘what in the hell is wrong with people?’

Maybe you saw this: A woman shopping on the Hobby Lobby web site saw a vase with some cotton branches in it that was intended as a decorative piece.

The woman went bat-crazy on-line accusing Hobby Lobby of racism, of being insensitive, and demanding in no uncertain terms that Hobby Lobby remove the offensive decoration from their stores and web site. The offense? 100 plus years ago, the cotton industry depended on slave labor.

Where does this person think her cotton shirt came from or her cotton sheets, or her kid’s cotton clothes? Does she think that cotton is still picked by poor black slaves in Alabama? Has she never seen pictures of the wonderful cotton-picking machines (probably called something else, but not being a farmer…well you understand).

Then there was another woman (a black lady) who parked her car on a residential street and was crossing to the other side when a white, older man working on top of a truck in a friendly way said hello to the lady as she got near. OMG, you would have thought the poor guy had murdered her family. (I can’t use the language this woman used.) She launched a verbal attack on this innocent guy saying, ‘don’t you ever speak to me you MF. You white Bitch, don’t you talk to me. Who do you think you are talking to me?” Her favorite was to call this guy a bitch (?) and accuse him of violating her rights by saying hello to her.

What is wrong with people? Did Obama divide us so badly that we now have to be afraid of greeting perfect strangers. Hell, If I were that guy, I’d never say hi to anyone again after the tongue lashing he got.

Then there were the few hundred folks in New York City who, at the height of rush hour, decided to march through Grand Central Station and on to Times Square with their ‘RISE AND RESIST’ signs protesting the president they claimed was a white supremacist.

I would love to see a shred of evidence that shows our president at any time being a committed racist, let alone a white supremacist. No such evidence exists. These people need to stop buying into the BS that has brainwashed them.

And then there are those who (mostly on the left) are inflamed over Trump’s speech at the UN. It was a speech in which the President spoke honesty about his responsibility to protect America and its people, his role to work on behalf of Americans. The left believes that the people work for the government and that they, of course, know what is best for us non-elite citizens.

In his speech, the president called out a lot of the world’s bad players (North Korea, Iran, Syria, and, yes, Russia, etc.) and called upon the world to stand together against these countries who are in massive violation of human rights, of terrorism, of not respecting the rights of other sovereign nations, and, of course, of nuclear development.

The left believes that the West simply doesn’t understand North Korea. They believe North Korea has no intention of harming anyone (totally forgetting that the North Korea regime starves 100s of thousands of its people each year).

As for Iran, the left thinks the 150 billion in cash (what was that about?) Obama gave them to not build nuclear weapons was a good deal; forget that Iran is using the money to sponsor terrorism and kill Jews, Americans, and Muslims they deem “apostate.”

This was also a president who stood up for all that is great about America (as opposed to the constant lectures of apologies from Obama for the past eight years). Now we know the left just loved our ‘lead from behind strategy’.

Trump made the convincing argument that the USA is more than willing to help world refugees, but can do so much more by helping relocate them near their homeland as opposed to bringing them to the United States at a much higher cost per person. The left would much prefer that we spend ten times the money to allow EVERYONE who wishes to come here a free pass.

And this was a president who pulled no punches; calling the North Korean leader ‘Rocket Man,’ and stating that if he continues his ways he is on a suicide mission. He even proclaimed that if North Korea’s Thug-in-Chief drops a nuclear bomb on us or our allies, it will mean the total destruction of North Korea. The left, of course, hates tough talk. They are much happier if we leave everything alone and kick the can down the road….maybe the problem will go away? Gee, hasn’t this problem been with the world for decades now; like since the end of the Korean War?  

Maybe it’s not that we’ve lost our minds. Maybe it’s just that we haven’t used them effectively to learn the lessons of history. Slavery in the U.S. was evil, but the cotton industry no longer depends on it. North Korea is a bad actor and has been ever since the crazy communists started running it. Iran is run by religious fanatics who want to convert everyone to their way of thinking and kill everyone who refuses. And when we stop being able to treat each other civilly, even with a friendly, hello, then it’s a sign things are going down hill pretty quick.

Senator Feinstein seems to one of those liberals who is acting like Trump just pushed the button to wipe North Korea off the map insisting that there are peaceful ways the the UN can resolve this. Really, where have you been? The Security council recently got two 15-0 resolutions passed (almost unheard of) raising the sanctions against the rogue state. With Russia and China both on the Security Council, Senator Feinstein, how much more can reasonably be accomplished?

Is there a cure for what appears to be a very serious loss of sense causing total and complete mental breakdowns? Yea!

First, we need to throw out political correctness. It is a poison to free speech and secondly, we must come together one America.

I’ll get letters on this one, but in my experience, whites (for the most part) are not racists. But because of the Obama policies that pitted the whites against the blacks, the poor against the rich, the working against the non working, the christians against the muslims, and on and on, black behavior has become much more racially charged. Obama did a great job of convincing blacks that whitey is against them (especially republican whites) and that their only chance is to hate the white folks, hate the cops, and hate authority.

For any blacks that may be reading this, I’m telling you that is WRONG. It is the republicans and millions and millions of white men and women that want you to provide a better life for your kids than what you have. That want your kids to have a much better education, better paying jobs, better neighborhoods, better health care.

Liberals and most democrats only care about you when it’s election time and promise you the moon; which as time goes by, never materializes.

We all don’t have to like our president and we certainly all don’t have to agree with everything he says or does, but I promise you he is doing the very best job he knows how to do for ALL Americans.

Let’s work together for a better tomorrow and while we are at it, let’s give Trump a chance.

Thanks, Stars and Stripes Forever!

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.