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Give Him a Chance

October 05, 2017

A photo of President Donald J. Trump

You’ve probably heard about the female “comedian” holding the severed head of President Trump. You may even have seen the photo of a white woman who’d been severely beaten with a caption that said, “53% of white women voted for Trump, this is what 53% of white women should look like.”

Then there are all the celebrity posts about President Trump that I can’t quote here because of the astounding amount of foul language. For the most part, these come from the same celebs who complained about Trump’s language before he was elected. And just for the record, when did actors become experts on policy and the presidency? And another thing, for all of you celebs who threatened to move out of the USA if Trump won … well, Cher, Amy, Rosie, Whoopy, et al, why are you still here? An army of us will gladly help you pack.

Here’s another question. Where did all this anti-free speech hatefulness come from? Conservatives who wished to speak on college campuses are physically attacked or no longer allowed, while the likes of Michael Moore get the biggest mega-phone available whenever they want it.  

But what amazes me the most is the name calling, the down right ugly name calling by those on the left. The venomous garbage (mostly lies) that flow from their lips to any main stream TV channel or left wing rag that happens to be hanging around (and they usually are).

Women on the left claimed unadulterated outrage at recordings of Trump talking about female body parts in crude terms. And yet they seem to adore the womanizing former president, Bill Clinton. You know, the dude that had an intern under his desk in the Oval Office and then lied to the world about it.

The claim that Trump has zero respect for women while at the same time adoring female singers like Beyonce, Cyrus, Madonna, Perry and countless others who spend a substantial amount of their time objectifying women with their lewd ‘wardrobes’ and trashy lyrics. Please, ladies, you can’t have it both ways!

Sure Mr. Trump may have a locker room mouth, but folks, here is a news flash; so do three-quarters of the men on the left. Oh, and let’s not forget the women who often use language on stage and off that would make a sailor blush.  

By all accounts, John Kennedy was a serial exploiter of women. His brother, Teddy, let his girlfriend drown (while he was married). Lyndon Johnson was frequently quoted saying things — and doing things — that were beyond crass even by the standards of the worst misogynist. I’ve already mentioned Clinton, whose many dalliances go far beyond the one he enjoyed with a young White House intern.

For what it is worth, even Nixon was never alleged to have treated women the way these former Democrat presidents did. By all accounts, the two Bush Presidents were perfect gentlemen with women, and employed many fine women on their staffs. Ronald Reagan was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

So what is the left really in a twist about when it comes to Donald Trump? That he walked down the aisle more than once? Or that he has a bit of a potty mouth? Or that he tells it like he sees it (remember it was Hillary who said democrats are going to have to lie to win elections)? Or that he isn’t intimidated by most people? Or that he is successful?

I mean, I don’t get it. A lot of us detested the policies of Obama … really, we hated to the core the direction he was taking our country. But did you see us burning flags, rioting, killing the first amendment, beating up old people and generally behaving like spoiled brats? Did you see us weeping in public, threatening to leave the country we love, or within days of his election attempting to begin impeachment proceedings? The correct answer is, “hell no.”

You can dislike Donald Trump all you want (frankly, I think he is kind of a likable guy), but what baffles the hell out of me is why you don’t give him a chance. A huge number of you simply made up your RESIST signs the day after the election and you haven’t stopped to listen since then.  

We have all been way too engrossed in the whole Russia thing (and yes, the Russians behaved badly and should be punished) but there is ZERO, I mean NO, really NADA, proof of any wrong doing by Trump. And folks this is NOT a guy who spends his time covering things up …. what you see is what you get.

Not that you necessarily give a hoot what I think, but here is a partial list of why I sure wish you should put down your RESIST signs for a year and give the guy a chance:

  • He wants to reduce taxes and not just for the rich….Hear me loud and clear, NOT JUST FOR THE RICH! In fact, he wants tax reform because it’s the best way to get our economy moving again for those who need higher salaries and more jobs the most — the poor and the middle class.

  • He wants to rebuild our infrastructure. We have a president who if nothing else, knows how to build things, and understands that cutting prices and trimming regulations will save time and money. He also knows that a well run infrastructure means a stronger economy and many more good, high paying, jobs.

  • He wants to build a wall on our southern border. OK, I get it if you don’t want a wall built would you settle for a HIGH TECH ‘wall’? Something that will keep people out who don’t belong here and to keep the massive quantities of drugs away from our kids? And let’s not forget keeping out terrorists who can easily cross the border right now.

  • Iran and North Korea are both working to build nuclear weapons, and both have said they want the end of the USA. Then there are all the Islamic terrorist groups, not to mention China and Russia. Trump simply wants to re-build a military which in many ways is at its weakest point since before World War I.

  • Trump has also focused on education. He gets bad press for this because the unions and many in the press know he’s a threat to union-controlled schools. He knows the power of competition and he’s working to give families REAL school choice. Trump knows our kids need good schools if they’re going to be prepared for the economy of the 21st century. And he knows that community colleges and vocational schools will play an important role in achieving that goal.

Folks, can we just start here? Give the President a chance. Tell CNN and the 4 networks to stop with the fake news and give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

Listen, if he fails, I’ll fight right along side you to toss him out. But let’s all put aside the hysteria long enough to give him a fighting shot to do what he says he wants to do. Given what’s at stake, his failure would only hurt us all.

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.