Faces of America

Our efforts to get the truth out to Black Americans over almost six years (since August of 2013 when we launched the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee) have worked…

Our efforts to expand the [black] electorate were made more difficult by [their] black radio strategy... Republican messaging to the base will make base voter continuity, not to mention expansion, very difficult for Democrats.

— Donna Brazile, Former chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee

Therefore, to engage in the 2020 battle, Stars and Stripes Forever PAC is expanding that Black radio strategy to reach Latinos/Hispanics, women and Asians. I am excited to announce our special Faces of America project designed to reach voters with the truth in these demographics in efforts to win votes from the Democrats over to the Republicans.



New Mexico

Meet our "Faces"

(from left to right):

AlfonZo Rachel, has been one of the most unique voices in social political commentary. He began his video commentaries on MySpace in 2007 and his YouTube videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands. Zo's video commentaries became a favorite for his ability to express profound and creative perspectives from a Christian, conservative angle with charming humor earning him invites on shows like Bill O’Reilly, The Dr. Drew show, Red Eye, Fox and Friends, many radio shows, and speaking engagements. AlfonZo is the right man to communicate and convince Black Americans to break the ties of the Democratic Party which will open up opportunities for them and their families.

Greg Lopez grew up in Irving, Texas and is third generation Hispanic American. Up until the age of five, Greg’s family was migrant workers. The family traveled from Weslaco, Texas up to Hartford, Michigan picking everything from oranges, cucumbers, cherries, grapes, lettuce, potatoes and cabbage. In 1969, the family moved to Dallas,

Texas so the children could attend a public school. After graduating from high school, Greg chose to enlist in the US Air Force. While serving in the U.S. Air Force, Greg took advantage of the Veterans Education Assistance Program and earned his business degree. After leaving the military and marrying his wife, Lisa, Greg and Lisa moved to Colorado in 1988. In 1992, at the young age of 27, Greg was elected Mayor of Parker, Colorado. Greg’s victory made him not only the youngest sitting Mayor in the State of Colorado but also one of only a handful of Hispanic Mayors elected in the state. Greg has served on the Denver Hispanic Chamber Board of Directors as Treasurer, Chair-Elect and in 2004 appointed to serve as the Interim President for the Hispanic Chamber for one year. His political, business and community contacts are extensive and have proven to be invaluable to his success both as a businessman and community leader. We believe that he will be invaluable to convincing Hispanics to vote their values instead of believing the lies of the Democrats.

John Philp Sousa IV (Yours Truly) - Proudly standing tall with all conservatives across America working to "Make America Great Again".

Dat Dang was born in Vietnam as the war between America and the North Vietnamese escalated. Finding life under the communist regime too oppressive and as the government implemented socialist reforms and confiscated privately held businesses and farmland, Dat's parents decided to leave their country. In 1978, his family and 42 others boarded a barge piloted by his father and sailed into the South China Sea. After many life-threatening events on the sea, they made it to Malaysia where they were detained in a refugee camp until an international division of the Red Cross intervened and they found an American family to sponsor them in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Though grateful to escape the North Vietnamese and find freedom, Dat saw his family go from rich to poor. His father took a job as janitor, his mom became a waitress and the entire family took odd jobs after school hours to earn money to make ends meet. He received a soccer grant that allowed him to attend Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia and earn a degree in Marketing. After several positions and careers, in 2005, Dat founded D&D Unlimited, an international trading & marketing company and is still serving as its CEO. Dat will communicate his message to his fellow Asians regarding the evils of socialism and the importance of less government intrusion in their businesses and lives.

Kimberlin Brown is probably best known as a popular villainess on multi award winning international soap operas, however, she began her career in the 80's as a model and then progressed into acting and captured roles in films including “Who’s That Girl” with Madonna, “Eighteen Again” with George Burns, “The Opposite Sex” with Courtney Cox and “Eye Of The Tiger” with Gary Busey. Kimberlin also landed many television guest roles on shows including “Matt Houston,” “TJ Hooker,” “Diagnosis Murder” and many more.

In 2006, Kimberlin launched her own design business, K. Brown Design, and she and her husband of 25 years, Gary Pelzer, also own and operate several businesses in San Diego County including a small Avocado farm in North County San Diego.

Most recently Kimberlin has engaged in yet another passion, political activism. As a proud American and Republican, she was a prime time featured speaker at the Republican Convention in Ohio following Dr. Ben Carson. She fervently spoke about small business and women in business, and securing the American Dream for future generations, and is currently a member of California Business Women for Trump.

In 2018, Kimberlin challenged Pelosi Puppet, incumbent Raul Ruiz, in California's 36th Congressional District, and though she did not defeat Ruiz, the National Republican Congressional Committee awarded her “Young Gun” status for her achievements as a candidate.

We hope her work with Faces of America will allow her to continue to spread her conservative message to women small business owners.

We are delighted that Zo, Greg, Dat and Kimberlin have agreed to work with us, and I hope that you share in my excitement and optimism about this project.

President Trump's lists of accomplishments in his first term is impressive and no one can honestly tell you that they aren't better off now than before he took office.

Right now there are 24 Democrats hoping they will be the one to face off with President Trump next November. And the Democrats are attacking him from every angle.

We must work together as Americans to prevent any of these liberal and/or socialist candidates to defeat President Trump in 2020.

And to give him a smoother 2nd term so he can accomplish even more on behalf of ALL Americans, we must take back the House in 2020 by defeating 18 Democrats while holding on to the seats we currently have, and help Conservatives win more Senate seats.

We will launch radio ads in targeted cities and states across the country. The commentaries will be 90-seconds long, air on the same station, same day and time for two months. We do this as studies have proven that repetitiveness allows your message to be absorbed by the listener at a much higher rate than airing just once, rendering it more impactful. Each of the commentators will be talking to their peers in that state, hoping to convince them to vote against these socialists, tax and spend, big government candidates who do not share our values or our vision for America.

Check back often for updates on our special project "Faces of America" and additional radio placements across the country.

I hope that you will fight alongside us as we continue the battle to:

Keep America Great