The Victory Project Marches Forward

October 19, 2016

This week, 2016 Committee will officially launch the "Abortion" radio ad for the first time and has successfully reached over $1.4 Million in donor funding.


The radio campaign has been completely funded thanks to an incredible surge in donations. As our strategy describes, we will spend this $1.4 Million on running our four radio ads through election day; totaling up to 6,156 one minute spots.
Every day, these ads will target African American voters in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
In addition to these 6,156 radio ads, we have also begun to begun to distribute brochures in key swing states to church-going African Americans and their pastors along with a signed cover by Pastor Mark Burns, who spoke at the National Republican Convention. Pastor Burns teaches at Harvest Praise and Worship Center, a large and fast growing African American church in South Carolina. He is also founder and president of NOW Television Network, a 24/7 urban Christian network with more than 10 million viewers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

We have distributed the brochures as follows:

North Carolina33,500

The distribution was not in proportion to the total population of the state, but rather in proportion to the African American population of the state. 

We believe that these brochures will prove effective in helping us gain the required 18% of the African American vote in key swing states that will give Donald Trump the presidency in November. 

The breakdown for the cost of brochure distribution billed (but not yet paid) to The 2016 Committee is as follows:

Packaging & Shipping$69,484

As November 8th draws closer and closer, it's critical that we continue our efforts to ensure that Hillary Clinton never steps foot in the Oval Office as our Commander in Chief. We believe that our radio ads and church brochures are instrumental in this process, but we can't do it without you. Your generosity has funded over 6,000 radio ads and now we need you to stand up and back us on this brochure printing and distribution. 

This is it, this is our last effort to persuade church going African Americans in key swing states to vote for Donald Trump for president. Don't sit back and let our country fall apart under a Clinton administration, stand up for your rights and help us put a republican in the White House!