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Do We Stand a Chance?

September 18, 2018

Do We Stand a Chance?

NIKKI HALEY BUYS $53,000 DOLLAR CURTAINS FOR HER RESIDENCE! blared the New York Times about Trump’s U.N. Ambassador. Turns out the curtains in question were ordered by the Obama Administration.

Senator Diane Feinstein announced “proof” that Judge Kavanaugh had acted inappropriately toward a girl … 30 years ago in high school … unsubstantiated … and denied by the other student who was supposed to have been present. Oh, and 65 women who knew Judge Kavanaugh at the time signed a letter testifying to his always treating them with respect and being a gentleman. The accuser is a liberal Democrat. The 65 women who testified to Kavanaugh’s good character represent a bi-partisan cross section of affiliations and political outlooks.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, blames Donald Trump for Hurricane Florence because he refused to go along with the Paris Climate Accord. Of course they fail to mention how the accord might have stopped any storm let alone Florence.

These are just three recent examples of how far the left will go to lie and smear President Trump and anyone associated with him. It shows just how desperate they are to win this November.

I understand why they’re desperate. Given their minority status in Congress, and their absence from the White House, they’re frantic to gain relevance again.  

What I do not understand is the depths they’re willing to stoop to stop President Trump; even to the point of destroying the lives of anyone associated with him.

It used to be there were rules of engagement in politics. You might exaggerate, but you never out-and-out lied. Not only was it unseemly, It was counter-productive because the media could be counted on to call you out. Not so long ago, dishonesty and poor character resulted in shame and defeat. No longer.

There are no constraints against dishonesty any longer, no fear among the deceitful that they will be held accountable — by the media or by the voters. Just the reverse, the media have become happy co-conspirators in the left’s plan to bring down President Trump and ruin every effort to implement his policies.  

As example consider an editorial in the New York Times this past Monday that decried as a “myth” the idea the Democrat Party’s leadership had taken a huge lurch to the left. The article insisted Democrats were the victims of right wing propaganda and really were only centrist in their ideology. It offered proof of this by suggesting what a truly radical Democrat Party would look like.  

1) “Top tax rates of 70%” (which in fact is the minimum tax rate their Medicare-For-All plan would require and many Democrat leaders have supported.).  

2) A generous “universal basic income” (a policy endorsed by many Democrat leaders in Congress including the top three Democrat candidates for President; Senators Warren, Sanders, and Booker.)

3) “The elimination of employer-provided health insurance with a system more like Britain’s” (exactly what 123 Democrats in the House and 16 Democrats in the Senate are proposing with their $3 Trillion plus per year Medicare-for-all plan. Though none have been able to say how they’d pay for it, thoughtful experts agree that such a plan would require huge tax hikes on everyone in America and massive reductions in the quality and access of health care.)

We need to realize that the Democrat-left has no shame. They will do or say anything they believe is required to shut down President Trump, his supporters, or his policies intended to Make America Great Again.  

They play by a totally different set of rules — that is to say, no rules at all except one:  do whatever is required to win. They’re cheered on by Obama, Hillary, and the whole cadre of Democrat politicians. And they’re confirmed in their worldview by a huge host of academicians, celebrities, internationalists, environmentalists, and left wing economists along with various other sophisticates.

Fighting them is so difficult because their regard for reason is so low. They are fueled not by rational thought, but by passion and emotion. They don’t know how the economy works, or how wealth is created or destroyed so they’re happy to insist on the most unrealistic and economy-killing policies. They lack any sense of history so they’re unable to see where the policies they propose today led when they were enacted elsewhere in the past — in places like Mussolini’s Italy, Lenin’s Russia, or Mao’s China. They can’t even see the disastrous results of their proposals in current day economies like Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Cuba.

They are stuck in a feedback loop made up only of fellow leftist sycophants informed solely by the deceitful purveyors of fake news in the liberal media.  

Some have even suggested that “getting” Trump is not enough. Once he’s impeached, they’ll turn their sights on the new incoming president and current Vice President, Mike Pence. Can anyone please tell me anything that the Vice President has done to deserve that kind of treatment?

So, two points. First don’t believe everything you hear or read; if it sounds hateful and biased, the odds are overwhelming that it is. Second, PLEASE make sure you vote in November. Make sure your like-minded friends vote. Your neighbors. Your family.

Right now polls show that the difference between winning and losing exists in the level of enthusiasm each side brings to the election. Unfortunately, the greater passion seems to be on their side at the moment. And if that doesn’t change, then the answer to my question whether we stand a chance is definitely no.

But if we’ll remember what’s on the line and just how much we have to lose if these people win, then that can change.

And that commitment to absolutely vote no matter what happens is the only chance we have to defeat these people.

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.