Democrat Dereliction!

January 04, 2019

Democrat Dereliction!

I’m truly sorry some good people in government and their families are going without paychecks right now. But I’m convinced it’s because Democrats would rather use immigration as a political football than protect our southern border.

In most endeavors — business, education, religion, whatever — people in the organization whose ideas differ on solving a particular problem get together, hash it out, and come to a resolution that promotes the best interests of the organization.

Not so in government. Especially when one side smells the chance to score political points at the expense of the other side.

In business, we have a word for those who promote their own agenda at the expense of the company: IRRESPONSIBLE. That exactly sums up the Democrats right now who refuse to negotiate while the people and our country suffer.

Guess where Nancy Pelosi went for the partial government shutdown? Hawaii! Yup, she decided the best way she could help those going without their paychecks was to take a nice long — and very expensive — Hawaiian vacation. REALLY?

Apparently, neither the crisis faced by the families of government workers, or the other on our southern border, really concerned her at all.

Given her position as the newly installed Speaker of the House, one would think she’d have planted herself at the White House — burning the midnight oil — till she got a deal that both put paychecks back in the hands of those hurt by the shutdown and protected the safety of America’s citizens. Nope. Pelosi said ALOHA to doing what was right.

The new Speaker claims walls don’t work. Then why does she have a wall around her lavish home? And why hasn’t she introduced legislation to remove the walls that keep violent criminals inside prisons?

She claims $5 billion is way too expensive, but she says she won’t support ANY amount for a border wall. And she refuses to talk about — or even admit — that it costs taxpayers more than $100 billion EVERY year to support illegals.

And you really have to scratch your head and wonder why she voted along with a majority of her liberal colleagues FOR the wall in 2008 and again in 2013. What changed?

Only one thing changed. And it has sent the left into spasms of uncontrollable rage. What’s the one thing? Donald Trump.

The left wing base of the Democrat Party HATES Donald Trump. And every Democrat politician depends on that base for volunteers, cash, and support. So they will say anything, and do anything to defeat Trump in 2020.

In fact, beating Trump is ALL that matters to them, no matter what or who they have to hurt in the process … the American people, the economy, national security, you name it. Nothing else matters to them.

It’s NOT what the people voted for. It’s contrary to the oath they took when they took office. And it’s not in the best interests of America or the American people.

They have abdicated their sworn duty and betrayed the people who entrusted them with their hopes and their votes.

Shamefully, they have failed to fulfill their obligations to their constituents and their country. It’s clear they’re derelict in their duty. And if they don’t like that, their problem isn’t with me, it’s with Webster’s Dictionary.