January 23, 2019

Candace Owens at the Blexit Rally

Stage Right Has Left Going Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

You probably missed it because almost no one in the mainstream media covered it, but there was a big BLEXIT – “black exit from the Democrat party” - rally in Los Angeles on Sunday which was hosted by conservative activist and Trump supporter Candace Owens.

Organizers described the get-together thusly:

“It’s time for the black and Hispanic communities to come together and fully realize our potential, our purpose and our imminent role in protecting American values.
“No longer should our hardworking American Latinos allow the media to conflate them with the caravans of illegals who lack respect for due process and law by demanding what they haven’t earned.
“No longer should the scores of LEGAL immigrants who have waited to earn their citizenship, be continually insulted by leftist open-border demands.
“The black community will no longer be patronized; there is no virtue in victimhood and we should no longer buy into the myth that we are somehow separate from the American Dream.
“It is time for a B L E X I T. A Black AND Latino exit from the liberal ideology which has poisoned our respective communities.”

No wonder the liberal mainstream media didn’t cover it and the left is having a cow over it!

Can you imagine what will happen if waves of black and Hispanic voters wake up, realize they’ve not only been taken for granted but taken for a ride, and bolt the Democrat Party?

For decades now, Democrats have enjoyed receiving 90 percent-plus of the black vote. And how has that worked out for them?

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, sponsor of the BLEXIT rally, noted the following in a tweet on Sunday…

“Black single motherhood rate in 50’s’s: 17%. Black single motherhood rate today: 73%. Democrat welfare and failing public schools destroyed black America. As the Democrats gained political control over black people, black America got worse off.”

Conservative radio talk-show host Larry Elder, a speaker at the BLEXIT rally, added…

“Racism is no longer a major problem in America. Wave a magic wand and remove every bit of racism from the hearts of whites. This would do nothing about the far bigger problems of black kids without fathers in the home, poor urban public schools and black-on-black crime.”

Which reminds me of something conservative columnist Walter Williams once wrote…

“The Ku Klux Klan couldn't sabotage chances for black academic excellence more effectively than the public school system in most cities. Politics and white liberals will NOT solve these problems.”

Of course, if a white person said such things they’d immediately be branded a “racist.” But since Elder and Williams are black, they’re called “Uncle Toms.”

Name-calling aside, the facts as stated by Kirk, Elder and Williams are not in dispute. What’s different now is that more and more people from ALL races are starting to wake up smell the cappuccino.

As such, yes, the left is hitting the panic button. They are desperately trying to hide the BLEXIT movement from the public on one hand, and discrediting those involved on the other.

But anyone who’s been following Owens for the last few months knows she ain’t goin’ quietly into that good night.

Indeed, the Los Angeles BLEXIT rally was not a one-and-done affair, as Owens noted in a follow-up interview with Breitbart News…

“We have more scheduled events which we will be announcing soon in Dallas, Memphis, Fort Lauderdale, and of course - Chicago. I suggest Democrats pay attention, because we are done being used as their voter mules. Our plan is to move the minority vote 20 points by 2020. It can be done and the Left knows that - which is why they have rushed to smear virtually every major black conservative thought-leader upon the political stage.”

Godspeed on your quest, Candace. BLEXIT…stage right!

Chuck Muth is a board member of Stars & Stripes Forever PAC