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Be Very Frightened

March 14, 2019

Be Very Frightened

In reflecting on the state of our union — and especially our politics — it seems to me we’ve entered a frightening, new era. Never before have we given popular support to those who agitate for radical change just for the sake of radical change with absolutely no regard for basic principles. I’m talking now about the principles that have informed most of America’s policy making since its founding: dignity of the individual, decency in relations, fairness for the rights of others, regard for personal freedom, etc….

I’m not saying we’ve always done it perfectly, but we’ve always held out the goal of principled motivation in policy making. That’s a notion, however, that seems increasingly to be a mere memory.

First, though, on the good news side …

We have a President who is far more conservative than he was originally perceived doing all in his power to keep the promises he made during his election campaign. He seems to truly love his country and is working tirelessly to “drain the swamp” and “Make America Great Again.”

Mostly allied with him is a U.S. Senate in which Republicans hold the slimmest of margins. But at least 3 or 4 of those Republican Senators aren’t always reliable votes for the President’s policy proposals so on some key votes his job becomes more difficult. Even in those situations, however, one generally gets the sense that occasional Republican opposition is based on some principle we can discern.

But on the really scary bad news side …

There are two new left wing groups who seem to have abandoned any principle all together. Unless, that is, the principle that motivates them is total hatred for everyone and everything that has made America what it is.

The first organization admits that it owes nothing to traditional Democrats. But their leaders also know that without the Democrat party as cover they’d have no chance at success. So the goal of this socialist group is to take control of the Democrat Party and drive out wherever possible “moderate” Democrats. To that end, they’ve adopted the name “JUSTICE DEMOCRATS.”

The Justice Democrats are well funded and well organized. And they’re willing to do or say anything it takes to tear down the very foundations on which our country is based.

And I do mean anything! As a result of their money, organization, and willingness to abandon all semblance of truth and morality, and say whatever will advance their cause, they’ve wracked up some real success.

In 2018, Justice Democrats won 7 seats in the House of Representatives.

  • Ilhan Omar (The anti-Semitic Muslim from Minnesota)
  • Pramila Jayapac (Seattle’s far left wing activist)
  • Ayanna Pressley (From Massachusetts, who advocates giving 16 year olds the right to vote)
  • Rachida Tlaib (The other Muslim who called the President a Mother FXXXer)
  • Raul Grijalva (Who as former leader of the Raza Unida Party was so militant he scared away other members of the party in his home state of Arizona)
  • Ro Khanna (The California Co-Chair of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President)
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Whose greatest accomplishment so far has been running Amazon out of Queens along with well over 50,000 jobs)

Make no mistake, all these people are beholden to and take orders from Justice Democrats — they vote how they’re told, ask questions at hearings fed to them by the group, and spew the soundbites they’ve been ordered to spew.

And now, empowered by these early successes, the Justice Democrats are recruiting, training, and organizing to run hundreds more congressional candidates in Democrat primaries in 2020.

The second group of left wing socialists have an even more ambitious, and more nefarious goal, than the Justice Democrats. They call themselves BRAND NEW CONGRESS. They claim their objective is to support any candidate who agrees with their policy agenda — Democrat or Republican.

And what is their agenda? According to their website, it’s Medicare-For-All, The Green New Deal, Free College, and Guaranteed-Income-For-All. In other words, it’s the same socialist agenda as the Justice Democrats, but with the aim of subverting both the Democrat and the Republican Parties!

Of course, they know there are no Republicans who could support their radical agenda. But that’s no problem. They just get socialists to change their party registration to Republican in red districts where they otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance and then spend months lying to voters to get their votes.

This group gives fraud a bad name. It’s shameful. Clearly, the socialists in our midst are drooling right now over the prospect of turning America into a socialistic country. At least 50 years of liberal brainwashing in public schools from 1st grade through college has made their prospects of success frighteningly possible.

We have a real battle ahead of us in 2020. We should be very frightened. It’s not too early to take a stand NOW. Find good candidates who will stand up for pro-American principles. Donate money. Volunteer your time. Let’s make sure these two socialist organizations fail and fail big in 2020.

John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa IV is an entrepreneur, political activist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.