Taking Back the House 2020 How We Can Win

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Proven Strategy

A Proven Strategy

There is a proven method for conservative Republican candidates to win over African American voters in numbers significant enough to reverse the prospects of the Democratic Party and make the Republican Party the dominant political party in America.

That proven and relatively inexpensive method is via the targeted use of the old medium of radio. This approach completely changes the metrics and results of national contests, resulting in landslide victories for Republican candidates.

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Polls consistently show that more than one-third of all African Americans identify as conservative.

Our Long-Term Goal

Our goal is not to just minimally increase the Republican’s share of the black vote, it is to win at least one-third of the black vote on a regular basis.

Numerous polls show that more than 33% of all African Americans consider themselves to be conservative and stand with us on all the important issues of the day—abortion, school choice, taxes, jobs, national security, traditional values, economic freedom, etc. In fact, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll a while back showed that more black Americans identify themselves as conservative than they do as liberal.

Radio and TV advertising directed to selected African American voters is not only effective, it is also cost effective, and the key to increasing the Black vote for Republicans now and into the future. Democrats must have the Black vote to win elections. They know if they lose 20% or more of the Black vote, they can’t win.

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