Our Plan of Action

John Philip Sousa IV


You and I need to start working today to elect a 61-seat Republican majority in the United States Senate in 2018.

We must win 9 of the 25 seats now held by Democrats that are up for Re-election in 2018 in order to obtain a 61-seat majority in the U.S. Senate that can foil all Democrat filibusters.

Thanks to your support, we were able to help propel Donald Trump into office through our black voter outreach. Exit polling data now proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our ads provided the margin of victory to Donald Trump in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In 2018, we will continue our highly-targeted approach to African Americans, and we intend to do it in a much more expansive and effective way.

Let me be clear about this, our goal is not to just minimally increase the Republican’s share of the black vote, it is to win at least one-third of the black vote on a regular basis.

With your help, we will do three things between now and November 2018:

1. Ongoing Communication.
If we continue to just come around every four years like the Democrats, we won’t break the stranglehold the left has on African Americans and we don’t deserve to. No, we must begin now to communicate our conservative message of common sense, traditional values, and conservative economics to black Americans in the states most likely to provide us with a 61-seat Republican majority in the United States Senate.

2. Black Candidate Recruitment.
It is not sufficient for Republicans to just nominate more white conservatives as their U.S. Senate candidates. No, we need black candidates who share our views in the United States Senate. The Stars & Stripes Forever super PAC will spearhead this effort. And, when we do this, we will prove to black Americans that the GOP is truly a welcome home for them.

3. Candidate Support.
Using ads over black radio stations, we will again persuade conservative black Americans to support the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in states where we have the best chance of electing a 61-seat Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

If you and I do our part to keep the radical Democrats from dividing our nation and splitting us apart, we will succeed in creating not only a great, but a good nation, as the Founders hoped for. May God continue to bless America.


Signature of John Philip Sousa IV

John Philip Sousa, IV